Worst places in the world to travel

What’s the worst place in the world to travel?

Check out this infographic with highlights from 2017’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report to find out.

The exhaustive 300+ guide examined safety, infrastructure, health services, tourist attractions and more. Written by the World Economic Forum, the guide includes plenty of charts and graphs. And some thrilling econo-speak, justifying the annual tome. Data is based on 136 countries surveyed, with 1 being the best and 136 the worst.


According to Roberto Croatia from the WEF press release: “The increasing importance of demand from emerging markets and technology are changing the travel and tourism sector’s landscape at a fast rate. The capacity of countries to respond to and embrace these structural shifts will determine the future success of destinations.”

The jargon can feel daunting, but what’s inside is pure pub quiz gold.

Read on for the top 9.