Working in dangerous places

Some of us have an amplified sense of adventure and will relish the thought of being given the opportunity to work abroad. Working in a different country can be seen as a working holiday, maybe a way to experience a different culture, a different way of life, learn a new language, and some see the journey abroad as a chance to escape their routine.

Danger Pay

Jobs abroad can also pay more, especially if the country is a dangerous. The extra money when working in dangerous places  is known as danger pay. Jobs within the energy industry, especially working with oil reserves, offer a very generous pay scale with the caveat that you’ll have to travel to dangerous or unstable place. These countries, full of natural recourses, are also extremely unstable with the potential for revolutions and overthrowing existing governments. Staying safe in a country such as this can get a little tricky.

Aid workers

From building schools to medical assistance, this kind of work is not carried out for the money and is more about enriching the soul. Aid workers are sent to very dangerous countries in order to help civilians, enhance the infrastructure and improve healthcare. With them, they take seeds, tools and all other supplies that can help with whatever project is being tackled. These places are often remote, poor, lacking facilities, and may also, at the extreme end, be in the middle of war zones.


Journalists and photographers are often sent right into the middle of the most dangerous countries on earth. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a fully fledged war, they are seen reporting from the middle of the action putting themselves in harm’s way. Apart from the danger at hand, we have also heard many accounts of journalists being specifically targeted, held hostage and even killed in order to send a message to the West.

At battleface we specialise in travel medical insurance specifically for these kind of jobs. We have years of experience in dealing with danger zone countries and we also provide locally vetted medical facilities. And if things get really bad, we will get you out safe and sound. Essentially, we don’t just offer insurance, we also offer peace of mind, so you can focus on the job at hand.