10 reasons to travel to Japan

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Everyone that I know who has been to Japan comes back with that same ‘wow’ that I do. Here are my picks for why you need to see, feel, taste and sense the magic of Japan.

Aside from Japanese politeness and good manners the culture also include efficiency. Japan is a super busy place but is well-organised and hassle-free.

Japanese cuisine. Say no more. You’ll get it.

This is the most advanced country in the world for technology – evidence of their brilliance is everywhere and it’s what makes the whole economy tick over so richly.

Sakura blossoms, uniquely Japanese, draw in millions of visitors every year.

Do not miss the beautifully dressed geisha and maiko. The geisha world is mysterious, which creates the intrigue and experience to glimpse them so special.

Everyone knows something about Japanese animation. When you see them on Tokyo streets it’s amazing.

Japan is clean. Everywhere is tidy and that makes being in their public spaces so uplifting.

There are millions of vending machines in this country that will dispense just about anything you can think of. Last minute birthday gift anyone?

The big boys of Sumo. Feel good about your body shape when you watch these athletes.

The crime rate in Japan is really low, which is great news for travellers.