Six times travel etiquette went straight out the window

Travel is great. Travelling, however, sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

Long delays, a lack of sleep, being crammed into economy class with a ‘spirited’ six-year-old merrily kicking the back of your seat. For several hours.

Thankfully, most of us recognise that showing a little consideration to our fellow passengers goes a long way in making the experience slightly more tolerable.

That is unless you’re one of the travellers below.

From sprawling across multiple seats to displaying their underwear in a packed cabin, exasperating behaviour like this shows why #traveletiquette matters.


1. Rapunzel is that you?

There’s nothing more annoying than someone else’s stuff intruding into your personal space when you’re trying to relax on a plane. When it’s their hair, however, it’s more akin to an all-out assault.


2. When you don’t want to wait for the dryer cycle to finish

Speaking of oversharing, some things need to stay between you and your tightly secured luggage. Pants – yes, pants – is one of those things.


3. I want to be alone

Unless you’re travelling with your imaginary friend (and he absolutely insists on a window seat), sometimes you have to accept that you’ll be sitting next to a stranger. Use the opportunity to make a real friend.


4. When food is life (or death)

No one likes the pungent stench of someone else’s snack when they’re stuffed into an aeroplane cabin. But for those with life threatening allergies, it’s significantly more serious than mere irritation.


5. A rude awakening

People snore and that’s no fun. But waking up to being (not so) surreptitiously filmed is a whole other level of poor travel etiquette. Just move seats, perhaps?


6. Barefeet at 30,000 feet

Yes, it’s probably more comfortable. Yes, it gives an airing to an otherwise-overly sweaty body part. No, we don’t want them touching us. Not even a little bit.