HET: Hostile Environment Training
HEAT: Hostile Environment Awareness Training
HEFAT: Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training

No matter what the acronym, these seminars cover the basics of badass: emergency first aid, weapons 101, safety and risk assessment.
It can get personal, with region-specific tutorials addressing conflict management, ways to prevent being kidnapped and how to handle things if the worst happens.
It isn’t cheap.

The Rory Peck Trust, established in memory of a freelance cameraman killed in Moscow in 1993, offers both monetary and in-kind resources to freelancers for security training.
Once you’ve been schooled, you need gear. Reporters Without Borders offers free, basic first-aid kits and two-month loans of body armor, helmets, and personal distress beacons.

AKE Group – UK
+44 1432 267111
Days: 5-day course; 3-day refresher
Certificates: 4 BTEC in Surviving Hostile Regions (SHR); Edexcel accreditation
FYI: Courses offered in the UK, US, and Canada
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Centurion RAS Ltd – UK
+44 1637 873661
Days: 4-day course; 2-day refresher
Certificate: HEFAT
FYI: Centurion recently held training courses in Ukraine

Hostile World – HEAT (Worldwide)
+44 161 278 2686
Certificate: HEAT
Days: Flexible, self-paced, online learning, approx 8 hours; shorter version available
Hostile World – pre-deployment short course (Worldwide)
Certificate: HEAT – Pre-Deployment Short Course
Days: Flexible, self-paced, online learning, approx 30-40 minutes
FYI:  Online learning with immersive interactive scenarios that can be used  as a stand-alone resource for those without access to full heat  training. The platform can also be used as part of a blended learning  approach or as a convenient refresher course.

PGI Training – UK
+44 1884 849460
Days: 2, 4, and 6-day courses, depending on threat level
Certificate: HEAT
FYI: Lots of medical add-ons. Unless on a diet, skip the medical video before lunch

Tundra Group – Canada, UK, Sri Lanka
+1 519 473 6434
Days: 3-day course
Certificate: HEAT
FYI: some grants available for freelance journalists.

TYR Solutions – UK, USA, Turkey
+44 20 3239 5257
Days: 4
Certificates: HET; emergency first aid certificate; automated external defibrillator (AED) qualification
FYI: free Trauma Pack upon course completion, optional 4×4 training

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