Rad Season | Keeping it real from your couch

With Rad Season’s virtual events listings, armchair travellers and living room ravers won’t miss a beat.

The platform known for showcasing the world’s best IRL action sports and adventure events now includes listings for live-streamed and online events.

Can’t decide? Rad Season’s virtual listings include articles and videos from previous years’ events.

Missed it? Maybe not

Find highlights, usually for free, on social media.

Rad Season also lists festivals that are cancelled or postponed. (Hey Tokyo Olympics, we’re talking to you)

With the addition of skateboarding and surfing to 2021’s Olympics, pregaming now with livestreams from the World Surfing League can keep you tied over.

Sure, no Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2020, but this gives you a full year to read all about how to fall down a hill. (After the competition, audience members are invited to chase the cheese, minus the cheese, with the local rugby team acting as a beefy safety net for out-of-control tumblers) Readers can learn the history of the event, tips on what to do and where to stay in Gloucester, plus get insurance.

Surfing for next season

Online access also allows viewers a chance to preview events on the cheap before committing to a full-price ticket. Assuming one can get past musicians’ overconfidence in home decor choices and the decision to live stream without the benefit of AutoTune.

With over 550 articles covering events, travel, gear, and more, the platform can at least liven up your Top 5 list of things to do when…

Got a listing? Share it!

Rad Season isn’t a closed system. In addition to contributions from travel writers and videographers from all over the world, the platform invites content creators and event coordinators to submit listings.

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