Phone battery myths and tips

Fact: your lithium-ion battery is dying. We’ve debunked some myths about your phone battery life to keep it going a bit longer.


The idea of a charging ‘memory’ goes back to the old lead-acid batteries commonly found in the cordless power tools of a bygone millennium.

Tip: How low can you go? Try to keep the charge above 20%.


Just as humans don’t do well on juice fasts just before a massive holiday dinner, lithium batteries last longer when not starved or stuffed.

Tip: Charge in small, partial increments, keeping levels between 20-80%. Unplug that bad boy before bed.


Heat is the enemy. A dashboard on a sunny day, on soft places where heat doesn’t dissipate well, like on your bed or under your pillow.

Tip: Store your device on a hard surface away from heat sources.

Killing apps just makes the phone work harder to reopen them 5 minutes later, when you realise you didn’t mean to kill THAT one. Or THAT one. Also, Bluetooth and Wifi use an insignificant amount of energy when not in use.

Tip: When running out of juice, turn off notifications and dim your screen.


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