10 reasons why you don’t need travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance is overrated, a hassle and a waste of money. Right?

10. I’ve got 9 perfectly good other fingers.

Small injuries can get nasty quickly on the road. Biohazards: you’re exposed to mass transit, water of differing quality, and public lodging. Health regimen: you may have a more active lifestyle on holiday, might skip changing a bandage or giving that sore knee a rest. Result: something minor can turn into something major. This usually happens in the middle of the night and the middle of nowhere.

9. A helicopter ride! Cool!

Yup, a cool 40 grand or more.

If you need a helicopter evac, you’ll be looking up the nostrils of the people taking care of you, not out the window.

8. I can talk to the doctors myself, I speak the language.

Wonderful! Now say the words for ‘blood type’ and ‘allergic to’ in your destination language. Now do it whilst unconscious.

7. Hey, it’s stable, and I’m in a safe place.

Really? Talk to folks in Paris, Berlin and that luxury resort hotel in Nairobi.

6. It’s too expensive.

An investment of a few bucks a day gets you covered in most parts of the world.

5. I’m perfectly healthy.

For now. But mosquitoes bite the wimpy and the healthy alike, a dodgy shrimp egg roll can take down the sturdiest of travellers, and traffic accidents can happen to anyone.

4. *Shudder* All those forms

That’s a myth from 1986. For most policies, answer a few questions and buy online.

3. It’s not required.

If you need a visa for your destination, you’ll also need proof of required immunisation and proof of travel medical insurance.

2. My credit cards have travel insurance.

Sure they do. But most of that covers lost toothbrushes and luggage, not limbs.

1. I’ll never use it.

It’s one of those things you don’t miss until you need it. Three words: Third. World. Dentistry.

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