Glossary of terms



Medical evacuation, often called Medevac or Medivac, refers to the removal of patients  by medical personnel from a battlefield or conflict zone. The injured may receive medical support on site and during the evacuation to the closest medical facilities this may happen through the use of ground or aircraft ambulances as required.


Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

K & R insurance is designed to cover travelers and corporations present in conflict or risk areas around the world. K & R policies cover kidnap, extortion, hijack, unwarranted detention and reimburse the insured for loss incurred during such an ordeal.

The policies do not cover ransom sums requested so the ransom would have to be paid by a third party however this can usually be then claimed.

Kidnap prevention training is recommended when traveling to areas at risk. Becoming a member of Alerts portals such as that provide intelligence from people who know the area well, and may also help prevent such an unfortunate thing from happening to you or your family / employees.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a generic term to describe insurance that covers the perils and tribulations that accompany traveling such as flight cancellation, loss of luggage, airline insolvency, travel delays and car insurance. It often however does not cover any accidents or unexpected medial requirements that may arise when traveling. To be covered for such eventualities one needs to take out Medical Travel Insurance Cover.


Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is different to regular travel  insurance in that it covers you for any medical expenses you may encounter. There are a number of different policies you can take out, prices and features depend on the risk level or how likely you are to get hurt. Therefore conflict zones or war zones  carry a higher premium.