Favourite travel experience | Tommy Walker

We asked some of our most well-travelled contributors, interviewees and partners about their favourite moments on the road – the experiences that sparked their love for travel or have stuck with them over the years.

Here at battleface, travel is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

The thrill of landing in a new destination, of immersing ourselves in a foreign culture, of pushing ourselves to our physical limits and expanding our understanding of this wide, wonderful planet we all share.

But we can’t do any of that right now.

So, instead we’re going to bask in the warm memories of our favourite travel experiences and daydream about that happy point in the future where we’ve beaten this pandemic.

Tommy is a freelance professional travel writer, photographer and social media marketing influencer.

Galapagos, Ecuador 2014. I’d been travelling around South America for a good six months. I never planned to visit the Galapagos Islands – mainly because of budget constraints –  but as I travelled through Ecuador, it dawned on me that I had to visit. Exploring the Galapagos made me feel I had a purpose to travel.

After spending an action-packed week seeing unique wildlife – from hundred-year-old giant tortoises to leaping groups of manta rays –  I still had some time to take it all in. I wandered to Tortoise Beach in Santa Cruz Island, accompanied by the lazy famous black marine iguanas that David Attenborough once raved about. I took a deep breath and I remember just being in the moment.

I thought of Darwin, I thought of history and evolution. I thought of how humans and wildlife were more as one on these amazing islands.

It was true I had a sense of accomplishment for visiting there, experiencing the unfamiliar. Yet, having true freedom and looking forward to future far-fetched places was the best feeling of all.

That feeling has never gone away.