#codefc Street Art – Part 2

#codefc is a London-based street artist who works in both abstract and figurative styles.

An avid traveller, he often tackles the social and political challenges of the places he visits. In the first section of our interview (read it here), #codefc discussed graffiti ABCs. In this segment, he gets personal.

Do you paint everywhere you travel?

Painting in a new place is a way of leaving a more or less permanent mark. The work you leave creates a personal presence that otherwise I don’t seem to feel. I don’t feel like I’ve been somewhere if I don’t paint [there].

Do you ask permission once you’ve chosen a site?

I sometimes ask permission, but usually it’s free or commissioned.

When you paint illegally you execute the work quickly and without letting people see you.

When you do legal stuff you can take your time, paint during the day and have more interaction with passers-by, people I would have never thought of talking to. It…puts you in touch with local people and gives you an idea of how these people perceive your work.

What are you working on now?

I’ve been painting in not-so-fortunate countries and I’m planning to visit more to [keep] paint[ing].

Is this work part of an ongoing series?

I’ve been doing some painting over the last few years and it kind of makes sense to put them together; though they are in different countries they have similarities. Each [work] is a separate project but part of a bigger general one. It’s gonna take a few more years.

If you managed to get tickets, look for #codefc at Glastonbury in late June. Watch out for his iconic stencils in Burma, Thailand and Bali. Follow #codefc’s Olympic journey from London 2012 to Rio 2016. Not going anywhere? Keep up with the artist via his webpage, http://codefc.org/, or Facebook.

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