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Questions for digital nomad Jack Davidson

Jack Davidson is a seven-year digital nomad who's made his home in such far-flung locations as Cambodia, East Timor, Colombia and Hungary.

Smashed up in Sicily part 2

Monica Axelsson crashed her bike in Sicily. Then came the hard part.

Smashed up in Sicily, part 1 | Monica crashes her motorcycle

I realized that there might be a risk that I would have to amputate a part of my right leg.

7 amazing places you’ve never heard of

For that perfect shot, wave or zen mastery, these places deliver.

Matt Maynard | Words on getting the right image

You don’t even need ninja-level camera skills.

Staying safe while volunteering: what you need to know

Gap-year volunteers, beware: sometimes bad things happen to those who do good. Read on for how to stay safe while volunteering.

Tommy Walker: Arrested in Colombia

Tommy Walker on being in the wrong place at the worst of times Growing up we all tend to watch a bit of TV, however...

Mauritius | Surviving cyclones and surf

This week in Mauritius has been an eventful one. Cyclone Berguitta is coming. The weather is what is filling the news here with warnings broadcasted...

Overland West Africa Expedition Leader David Oades

David (Dave the Hat) Oades started Overlanding West Africa in 2010. Between 2012-13, OWA were the first overland company to run tours through Sierra...

British adventurer Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker has been on the road since 2011 throughout 6 continents. In every trip Tommy has taken he has always looked to venture...

Matt Maynard | Return of the Wolf: a guide to Europe’s Forests

Wolves are back in Europe's forests. Matt Maynard travelled to Sweden to learn how Scandinavian communities are adjusting to this predator. He explains their habits,...

Shooting with a smartphone | Humanitarian photojournalist Karl Grobl

Karl Grobl is a humanitarian photojournalist with a new toy. Check out his shooting with a smartphone tips and pics below. We’ve had a ball...
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