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Broad, A-travel

Ways for women to stay safe on the road.

Adventurer Tommy Walker. Why you need travel insurance

No matter where you go, battleface travel medical insurance protects you.

Crimes against journalists | The culprits

Who are the heavy hitters in the game of censorship and media suppression?

Freelance reporter Anna Pujol-Mazzini

Anna Pujol-Mazzini is a French-Italian freelance reporter focused on the West Africa region.

2018’s World Press Freedom Index

How safe is your country for journalists? Check out 2018’s World Press Freedom Index: you might be surprised.

Digital Security for Freelancers and the rest of us

Staying safe with your devices doesn’t have to be complicated.

Fashion mistakes that instantly expose you as a tourist

Clothes maketh the man, goes the proverb, but when in a foreign country it’s often preferable to blend in.

Smashed up in Sicily, part 1 | Monica crashes her motorcycle

I realized that there might be a risk that I would have to amputate a part of my right leg.

Matt Maynard | Words on getting the right image

You don’t even need ninja-level camera skills.

8 tips to keep harassers away

Going solo? Great! Here are some tips on how to keep from getting groped.

Staying safe while volunteering: what you need to know

Gap-year volunteers, beware: sometimes bad things happen to those who do good. Read on for how to stay safe while volunteering.

What to wear to a protest

Going to a protest? Here are some tips for your togs.