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Who fixes the fixers?

What happens to fixers when something goes wrong?

Fixers | Journalists getting fixed in faraway places

More than being a foreign correspondent's eyes and ears, the best fixers can also be the reporter’s early warning system too.

How a little language goes a long way

The humble tourism phrasebook seems a little passé these days, don’t you think?

How to communicate when language fails

Learning the skills necessary for non-verbal or limited language communication.

The business of kidnap and ransom insurance

An increasing number of big high-flying companies have Kidnap & Ransom coverage for their staff nowadays.

Is it now becoming unsafe to travel in Hong Kong?

Protests have typically taken places on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and even at Hong Kong International Airport.

Hong Kong protests | What you need to know

If you’re visiting Hong Kong and want to avoid getting caught up in protests, consult international media.

7 Ways to stay safe in airports

There’s no such thing as a completely safe way to travel. We just have to go with acceptable risks.

Personal Protective Equipment for Journalists

Quality news reporting from dangerous places has always come with a high human cost.

Crisis Response Insurance

Headed somewhere that's remote, unstable, a conflict zone, or all three? You need insurance that covers more than a sunburn.

Why you shouldn’t share your phone number

As a person with a pulse in the digital era, you’ve used two-factor identification on social media

Staying safe in hostile environments

How do you guarantee personal safety in a conflict zone? Simple: don’t go there.