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Everest | the world’s highest garbage dump

They came, they saw, they… littered?

Carnival | Barranquilla, Colombia

This year’s Carnival celebration kicks off the 1st of March, and doesn't quit until Fat Tuesday, the 5th.

Exploring Abandoned Singapore

Southeast Asia’s wealthiest country is glamorous on the surface, but there’s another side of the country that often gets forgotten: abandoned Singapore. With all the...

A veteran tour guide’s safety tips for Egypt

Is Egypt safe? A tour guide's tips

10 reasons why you don’t need travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance is overrated, a hassle and a waste of money. Right? 10. I've got 9 perfectly good other fingers. Small injuries can get nasty...

It’s a match! How to stay safe in a connected world

Travelling solo? Find a friend -or more- with your phone

Unsung local heroes

Raise a glass to local heroes - the unsung stars of many a traveller’s tale.

6 ways to avoid a kidnapping

If you simply must travel alone, then follow the safety guidelines below for traveling solo.

Broad, A-travel

Ways for women to stay safe on the road.

10 reasons to travel to Japan

Everyone that I know who has been to Japan comes back with that same ‘wow’ that I do.

Why being a digital nomad is not all ‘Insta-glamour’

It’s the Instagram pic guaranteed to drive those back home green with envy.
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