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Two apps you need for the Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo is ready for the Olympics. Are you? These two apps can make your holiday feel as easy as a triple axel looks. Japan’s Tourism...

Why you shouldn’t share your phone number

As a person with a pulse in the digital era, you’ve used two-factor identification on social media

It’s a match! How to stay safe in a connected world

Travelling solo? Find a friend -or more- with your phone

Phone battery myths and tips

Like us, your lithium-ion battery is dying. Follow these tips to keep it going longer.

6 ways to avoid a kidnapping

If you simply must travel alone, then follow the safety guidelines below for traveling solo.

Doxxing | How to protect your identity online

What is doxxing? It’s become the weapon of choice for everyone from internet trolls to anti-fascists, but what is doxxing and how can you protect...

Digital Security for Freelancers and the rest of us

Staying safe with your devices doesn’t have to be complicated.

Questions for digital nomad Jack Davidson

Jack Davidson is a seven-year digital nomad who's made his home in such far-flung locations as Cambodia, East Timor, Colombia and Hungary.

Why being a digital nomad is not all ‘Insta-glamour’

It’s the Instagram pic guaranteed to drive those back home green with envy.

Wanna be a digital nomad?

Ready to cut the cord? Here are the basics to becoming a digital nomad.

How to survive a kidnapping

Thanks to the Internet, kidnapping is on the rise. Potential captors can find out what’s in your wallet, who’s in your family, and which...

How to stop email tracking

269 billion emails get sent and received every day. Nearly 40% of them are tracked. Here’s why email tracking is scary, and how to stop...
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