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Insurance for freelance journalists and photographers

Communicating over long distances has never been easier. This has changed the face of war, and the way we report it. Todays media consumers expect...

5 things to know about conflict zone insurance

Questions about conflict zone insurance? We have answers. Here are some things you should know before you get out your wallet. 1.  What's the biggest difference...

Conflict and Terrorism Insurance

Conflict and terrorism insurance is an absolute necessity when moving in hostile environments.

6 ways to avoid a kidnapping

If you simply must travel alone, then follow the safety guidelines below for traveling solo.

Passports | Facial recognition

Passports: Is facial recognition the future?

Mace and pepper spray: FAQs

Pepper spray is no joke, and definitely NOT for nachos.

Staying safe while volunteering: what you need to know

Gap-year volunteers, beware: sometimes bad things happen to those who do good. Read on for how to stay safe while volunteering.

What to wear to a protest

Going to a protest? Here are some tips for what to wear to a protest.

Faith-based travel safety

Faith-based travel is on the rise. Whether it’s the gang from the synagogue doing volunteer work, Christians visiting Jerusalem, Muslims on pilgrimage, or the Flying...

How to stop email tracking

269 billion emails get sent and received every day. Nearly 40% of them are tracked. Here’s why email tracking is scary, and how to stop...

Medical Evacuation Insurance

If you're too beat up to travel on your own, it's time for a medical evacuation.

Doxxing | How to protect your identity online

What is doxxing? It’s become the weapon of choice for everyone from internet trolls to anti-fascists, but what is doxxing and how can you protect...