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Two apps you need for the Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo is ready for the Olympics. Are you? These two apps can make your holiday feel as easy as a triple axel looks. Japan’s Tourism...

Travel medical and crisis response: a global safety net

Heading into the unknown is not something you take lightly. Does your insurance? But for every plan and checklist you create, a dozen unexpected crises...

5 ways NGOs can tighten safety protocols in 2020

NGO operating in a high-risk or remote environments

Monica Axelsson | The pleasures and perils of voluntourism

Where to go next, I don't know, but I will certainly not be here in winter.

Who fixes the fixers?

What happens to fixers when something goes wrong?

Fixers | Journalists getting fixed in faraway places

More than being a foreign correspondent's eyes and ears, the best fixers can also be the reporter’s early warning system too.

How a little language goes a long way

The humble tourism phrasebook seems a little passé these days, don’t you think?

How to communicate when language fails

Learning the skills necessary for non-verbal or limited language communication.

The business of kidnap and ransom insurance

An increasing number of big high-flying companies have Kidnap & Ransom coverage for their staff nowadays.

Is the era of mandatory travel insurance upon us?

Of course, for the more intrepid travellers, compulsory insurance is nothing new.

New look? You might need a new passport

Take a look at your travel document. Are you still sporting that ironic moustache? Gained or lost weight?