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8 tips to keep harassers away

Going solo? Great! Here are some tips on how to keep from getting groped.

What to wear to a protest

Going to a protest? Here are some tips for your togs.

Worst places in the world to travel

What’s the worst place in the world to travel? Check out this infographic with highlights from 2017’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report to find out. The...

Congo and DRC

Check out the infographic below for differences between the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. What's the diff? These countries may sound...

The World’s Worst Places to Work

Where are the world's worst places to work? Check out the infographic for the ABCs of 9 to 5 in some of the world's most...

Infographic: 5 quick tips for safer travel

Infographic: 5 tips for travellers. Got 10? Explore the links. Gotta weird travel tip? Let us know!

Infographic: 8 normal things that can kill you

The world is a dangerous place. Beware bad air, mad honey and living cheese!

Infographic: How to stay safe in an avalanche

How do you stay safe in an avalanche? Check out the infographic below for some tips.

Infographic: How to survive an avalanche in a car

Avalanches are easy to avoid, right? Just stay off the slopes, right? Wrong. Here's what to do if you get caught in an avalanche...

Infographic: Hotel Safety for the Single Gal

Sure, you know all about hotel safety. Mom told you never to open the door to strangers, and to check the locks. Keep the TV...

Infographic: NYE Superstitions

People do some odd things to ensure luck for the coming year. Can you guess where people wear pink pants? Eat their wishes? Hover...