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Monica Axelsson | The pleasures and perils of voluntourism

Where to go next, I don't know, but I will certainly not be here in winter.

Five reasons to celebrate #flightshame?

#flightshame the movement to reduce global carbon emissions by cutting back on personal air travel

The Last Overland Expedition Team return home

battleface have provided The Lastoverland team with travel medical insurance for the expedition, view expedition updates here

Who fixes the fixers?

What happens to fixers when something goes wrong?

Nomad List | your new digs, at a glance

cunching over 1 million data points a second, Nomad List ranks 2500+ destinations around the world.

The most daring real-life tales of survival

Surviving for multiple days or even weeks in a remote and unforgiving environment takes serious expertise.

Fixers | Journalists getting fixed in faraway places

More than being a foreign correspondent's eyes and ears, the best fixers can also be the reporter’s early warning system too.

High time for changing flying habits

For me, the dream of international air travel may not be over, but it has been temporarily grounded.

How a little language goes a long way

The humble tourism phrasebook seems a little passé these days, don’t you think?

Off the beaten track traveller Joan Torres

Spaniard Joan Torres is the man behind Against the Compass, a travel blog that challenges travellers to explore more adventurously by providing practical information...

How to communicate when language fails

Learning the skills necessary for non-verbal or limited language communication.