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Dangerous dive: Dahab’s Blue Hole

It’s as beautiful as it is dangerous.

A veteran tour guide’s safety tips for Egypt

Is Egypt safe? A tour guide's tips

10 reasons why you don’t need travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance is overrated, a hassle and a waste of money. Right? 10. I've got 9 perfectly good other fingers. Small injuries can get nasty...

New Year Travel Resolutions

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution guaranteed to make 2019 the year of living differently: travel more!

Monica Axelsson | Volunteering in post-hurricane Puerto Rico

Monica Axelsson is back on the road.

Unsung local heroes

Raise a glass to local heroes - the unsung stars of many a traveller’s tale.

Jason Greenhalgh | Stopped at the border

There was a bit of a scuffle then one soldier stepped up to me and very gently pushed an automatic pistol in my mouth.

The surprise perks of being a solo female traveller

All but the most intrepid should turn back now.

6 Ways to avoid a kidnapping

If you simply must travel alone, then follow the safety guidelines below for traveling solo.

Broad, A-travel

Ways for women to stay safe on the road.

Adventurer Tommy Walker. Why you need travel insurance

No matter where you go, battleface travel medical insurance protects you.

Cyclist Fredrika Ek | 45+ countries, 1000+ days

Fredrika Ek doesn’t do things by halves.