9 tips for women travelling solo

Planning on exploring the world as a solo female traveler? Here are a few words of advice that you should take note of before your  epic solo adventure.

1. Get a travel insurance plan

Getting a travel insurance plan is an absolute must for female travelers who are planning on going on a solo adventure. For a very affordable and reasonable fee, a travel insurance plan will not only cover dental and medical emergencies, but it will also reimburse you for car rental damage, delays, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and a whole lot more.

2. Take advantage of being a female

If there is one thing that scares men everywhere, it is the sight of a box of pads or tampons. Use these boxes to store some of your valuables, like copies of your documents or extra cash. No one wants to touch them, let alone look for things to steal there.

3. Pack light

The best way to get yourself scammed, mugged and robbed is to look like an affluent out-of-towner. Keep your luggage compact and simple, so you won’t stand out of the crowd as easy prey for con artists.

4. Never be alone

Surprised? While it may seem a bit counter intuitive, do not steer of clear crowds. Instead, learn to embrace them! When it comes to using public transportation like a plane or bus, or just walking down a street, there’s accountability and safety in numbers. Always try to walk, stand or sit near other folks, so that you are not completely alone.

5. Try to blend in

Want to get the attention of every scammer in Paris? Show up in a t-shirt and shorts. While t-shirts and shorts are normal in America, you would rarely see that style in most parts of Europe. Shorts are a rarity in Europe, and people there in general dress more neatly than North Americans, especially in Italy and France.

So, read a travel blog, and do some extra research on how the locals at your next destination dress. The more you stand out, the more visible you become in the eyes of the criminals.

6. Wear a wedding ring (or a fake one if you’re single)

It may not keep you totally safe, but in many cities and countries, showing a little bling on your left hand will keep you off the radar.

7. Stay in touch with your loved ones via messaging

Letting people know where and when you will be traveling is a rather good safety blanket. Though your friends and family at home can’t do much to protect you, leaving a breadcrumb trail is an excellent way to reassure everyone that you are safe. Plus, it could give them an idea on where to start to look if you go missing. Remember: keep your whereabouts out of your live feed.

8. Don’t get drunk

Getting blitzed drunk when traveling solo is by no means a good idea. Duh.

9. Make fake phone calls

If you feel like you are in a sketchy situation, pretend to make a call to your significant other or friend. A simple fake meet-up with someone else in 10 minutes will tell others that you if you do not show up soon somewhere, someone will know about it.

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