6 great travel podcasts

Itchy feet? Check out these 6 great travel podcasts for inspiration.

Read on for great travel podcasts that inspire, advise, horrify and entertain.

How much time do you spend every day waiting for something?

At my local bank, one counts wait time in tree rings or degrees by which the globe has warmed.

According to a recent survey, Brits spend nearly a year of their lives waiting in queues.

Even worse: 68% of those waiting regularly strike up a conversation.

Fight back with podcasts.

Note: all podcasts reviewed contain enough episodes to mitigate social anxiety throughout a panoply of waiting spaces and times. While stuck at the bank, you can learn about Namibia, or how to get a job in Japan.  Happy binge-listening!

Indie Travel Podcast: full-time travel

Brits Craig and Linda Martin have been hitting the bricks since 2006. The podcast includes, interviews, tips and tricks for wanderers hitting mostly known destinations. Highlights include public transport tips, handling travel stress, washing your clothes, and how couples stay sane on the long haul. Cutesy at times, (there is the odd pet update) the info is sound.

Amateur Traveler: travel for the love of it

The title of Chris Christensen’s podcast refers to travel nuts not motivated by cash. He reminds us: ‘Remember that Olympic Athletes were traditionally both amateurs and some of the best athletes in the world. The Titanic was built by professionals, the Ark by an amateur.’ Christensen has produced the podcast since 2005, and his easy interview style shows it. The destination-based show combines interviews, travel tips and gadget reviews. If this guy hasn’t been there, he’s talked to someone who has.

Extra Pack of Peanuts: travel more; spend less

Traveller and entrepreneur Travis Sherry offers sound advice for the budget traveller looking to become ‘location independent.’ Podcasts cover topics including getting jobs on the fly in a foreign land, how to manage airline miles, and gender-specific shows on what to pack. The style is fast-talking and noisy, just what you’d expect from 20-somethings who can’t sit still, bunched around a microphone.

Zero to Travel: travel the world on your terms

Jason Moore interviews adventurers from all walks eliciting resources, budget strategies, tips and advice. The longer format allows the listener to deeply explore philosophical topics like ‘freedom’ with Nat Eliason to the nitty gritty of working on a cruise ship. Moore also provides detailed tips on becoming a digital nomad.

Workationing: working from the road for women

20-somethings Kari and Kelley hit the road with a goal: 12 months, 12 countries, 12 professional goals. The podcast covers how to prepare for a working life on the road and the obstacles and delights discovered along the way. The show directly addresses a spectrum of the challenges young travelling women professionals face from the planning stages to the mean streets of the world.

Travel Tales: the funny from the road

Comedian Mike Siegel bounces humour off famous and not-so-famous travellers. A great source for would-be limelighters, many storytellers hail from the entertainment industry. With comedian Matt Weinhold on Japan: ‘The only thing you have to fear about a dark alley in Japan is being assaulted by ‘adorable.’’

Survey source: swns.com