6 borderline-genius travel hacks

Travel hacks have been around forever. Carry a pen when flying internationally. Roll your clothes for more efficient packing. Remember your plug adapter.

And so on and so yawn.

But the travellers below have taken travel hacking to a whole new (and quite frankly borderline-genius) level by refusing to be bowed by airline restrictions, damp washing or even the limitations of an economy seat.

So, next time you’re hitting the road, remember these trailblazers and the simple maxim: If it works it works.

1.Who says only first class gets a bed?

Being able to stretch out on a plane is a privilege usually reserved for those with deep pockets or generous expense accounts. But with the simple addition of an over-sized scarf (and a slight premium for door-adjacent seats) you’ve got yourself a workable bed.

2. Clothes maketh the man

We’ve all considered wearing the contents of our travel bag after staring crestfallen at the minuscule carry-on allowance for short-haul budget flights. But this enterprising traveller went that step further: tailoring his very own jacket to do the job in style.

3. Weight a minute…

That nervous glance at the check in desk assistant as the luggage scales veer ever closer to 30 kilos – it’s enough to cause palpitations from even the most seasoned traveller. But this pic doing the rounds on social media shows one sneaky traveller finding their very own workaround.

4. Pick a card, any card

Guess what? There’s nothing magical about most hotel keycards. Pop a business card, folded up pamphlet or driver’s license into the slot to keep your lights on while you’re in your room.

5. Take a page out of my book

Destroying books is most definitely bad karma. But hacking a hefty 800-page travel guide so it only shows you what you need to see is a smart weight-saving solution for those packing light. Just don’t forget the index.

6. Wet laundry? Warm socks

Still-damp laundry is a nightmare when travelling. Sure, pack it away and let it stink out your whole bag. Or you could strap it to the outside of your luggage and appear as though you’re particularly proud of your underwear. Meanwhile, this traveller in Japan chose a less-common option – repurposing a high-tech toilet to ensure maximum dryness.

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